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England is not a huge force..

       It's true that most great metal bands today either come from the United States or Scandinavian countries, where the heaviest and most extreme music is being pumped out. England is not a huge force in creating new metal bands today. But if you think that means that it's not important you better think again.

       There are about three or four british groups that we would have nothing without. They are my essential British heavy metal bands.

       Black Sabbath of course were the very first heavy metal band. I don't count Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin was a rock/blues band. Sabbath started like that but changed their sound to make it darker and spookier. Heavy metal was invented. Without them, we wouldn't even have any of these topics. Nuff said.

       Judas Priest and Iron Maiden also must be included because they made up a part of the new wave of British heavy metal that invaded the US in the 1980s and helped inspire American kids to form rock bands and make metal even greater and more wide spread. Both bands had great front men with awesome voices. Not to mention musicians with razor sharp skills. Girls like guys who have skills (like nunchuks).

       Diamond Head is a band you probably have never heard of, but I can tell you this. I have. So have bands like Megadeth and Metallica. Both have said this forgotten band was one of their most important influences.

Written by Carlos Reynolds

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