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What is NWOBHM ?

       The term NWOBHM gathers a wide spectrum of british bands that can't be classified that easy for it's metallic style since the music they did play ranges from Doom Metal, Hard Rock, classic Metal, Speed Metal and Power Metal.

       The term should certainly label a movement that started in the late 70's (maybe 1978, although some of those bands roots are going back to early or mid 70's) and "ended" in 1983. The UK didn't stop to produce more Metal bands after that year of corpse but they can be called more or less post-NWOBHM, since it was generally to see as the LAST WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL while bands like Judas Priest, Mot?rhead, Urchin or even Iron Maiden were pre-NWOBHM. The early bands such as Quartz, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Triarchy, Angel Witch, Praying Mantis, Mythra, Geddes Axe (etc) started a completely new style in the history of Rock music, influenced by 70's Hard Rock pioneers such as Black Sabbath, Kiss, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Queen, The Sweet, Mot?rheard or Status Quo they simply developed or just copied their style while others like Saracen, Big Daisy, Avalon (etc) took some main influences from the 70's Prog Rock genre and combined their extraordinary musicial ideas with the new power called Heavy Metal. On the other hand the heavyness did not know any barriers and bands like Venom, Mythra and Jaguar were trying to top everything in sense of speed where bands like Iron Maiden had already found their limit and therefore can be mentioned as some of the founders of Speed Metal in general.

       But generally if someone is talking about classic NWOBHM you can expect kinda Boogie driven hardrockin' Metal with mainly dominating melodic twin lead guitar parts for what the genre got loved for.

       So whenever you buy an unknown early 80's british 7"EP you can expect a lame assed Status Quo rip off as well as it could be a real early Power Metal gem.

Written by Futuresynner

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